roConnect & Synctrix partner up streamline the cloud. roConnect Conveniently connecting you with your media. Roku Streaming Got Roku? Your media is there too. Android Integration More convenience at your fingertips. Windows, Mac, Linux Whatever your on, roConnect is too. Web browser viewing stream to any browser on any computer

"It's beautiful design and ease of use puts it way ahead of other media servers."


"Great app, Nice work all around."


"It's clean, fast and really does the job well."

-Tony S

"This software looks great!"

-DJ Nicke

"I have been searching for the perfect HD streaming solution, with roConnect, my search came to a delightful end."

-William Ruckman

"It works!"


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At Home Keep your home connected

Automatic IMDb searching will populate movie data from IMDb's movie database for you.

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At Home Keep your home connected

With its simple concept roConnect puts all your media in one place and streams them to many.
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Simple Design An interface made easy

roConnect makes navigation a breeze with an easy, intuitive, and elegant user interface that doesn't leave you confused.

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At Work Stream training media to every room

Stream training media to the entire corporate network, including any browser, Android device, or Roku™ Player.
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What is roConnect?

roConnect is a simple, central solution to streaming the media files on your computer. Take advantage of your home network to stream media to every corner of your home. roConnect also lets you stream the same media to multiple devices, pretty cool huh?
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What is a Roku™ Player?

A Roku™ Player is a small device that connects to your TV and the network to stream media. There are several "Channels" you can download for your Roku™ Player, like Netflix. roConnect is one of those channels, and allows you access to media files on your computer.
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Browser Streaming

roConnect will also stream your media to any browser on any computer! If you don't have a Roku™ Player, simply connect your laptop to the tv and your set. Yet another way you can stay connected with your media.
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