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roConnect conveniently connects you with your computer's media library, throughout the entire house. It's easy to setup and provides simple streaming to all your favorite electronic devices. Hover over the bottom-right corner room to start with the roConnect server, this is where it begins.

Stream to Computers

Any computer on the network can also watch/listen streamed media from the roConnect Server. More...


Stream to HD TV

roConnect can instantly connect to any Roku™ Player and stream directly to your HD TV. More...

roConnect Server

Turn your personal computer into a roConnect Server and stream your computer's media library instantly! More...


Stream to Android

Download the roConnect app from the Android Marketplace to watch media instantly on any Android device. More...


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Web Application

Media Management

The roConnect suite includes a web application that simultaneously lets you manage and stream your computer's media library. The interface was designed to be simple and intuitive to allow all users a rich and easy experience. Adding and removing media is as easy as adding and removing media files from a folder.

IMDb Integration

With IMDb integration built into roConnect you no longer have to perform the tedious task of looking up movie information. roConnect automatically queries the IMDb movie database and fills in movie information for you.

Network Streaming

Don't have a Roku™ Player? No problem. roConnect's web application supports streaming to all major browsers. You can easily watch your media from any computer connected to your home network.

Connect Multiple Roku™ Players

roConnect also supports connecting your computer's media library to multiple Roku™ Players. This means every media file is accessible from every Roku™ Player in the house! With the simple click of a button, and a pinch of IT magic, the roConnect Channel will be installed and sync to your computer's media library.

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Roku™ Player Channel

Stream Media from roConnect Server

The Roku™ Player has multiple channels that you can subscribe to. roConnect packages its own channel so users can effortlessly stream their computer's media library to any Roku™ Player on their home network.

Rich Interface

The roConnect Channel was designed to provide a content rich experience. All media information is displayed on the Roku™ Player so users can get more out of their media use experience. Display Actors, Directors, a synopsis, a star rating from IMDb user base, and much more!

HD Support

Have an HD TV? Roku™ Players support up to 1080p HD TV output. roConnect takes advantage of the high speeds of home networks to stream HD content in your computer's video collection to your TV at full resolution!

Learn more about Roku™ Players at their website

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Android App

Stream Movies to Android

roConnect's Android application provides quick and easy access to all your videos. Quickly show friends video clips from your roConnect video library. The Android app lets you browse and watch videos from your entire video library. It's like carrying your entire video collection in your pocket!

Roku™ Player Virtual Remote

The Android app also doubles as a remote control for your Roku™ Player. In a world plagued with remote control overpopulation, roConnect efficiently integrates Roku™ Player controls right into your device's interface. No more searching for lost remotes!

roPush Movies to your Roku™ Player

Watching a movie on your Android device and want to share it with a crowd? Easily select from a list of Roku™ Players on your home network and transfer your video clip to the TV via your Roku! The roConnect Channel on Roku will start playing your video clip right where you left off on your Android device! It's almost like magic.

Check it out on the Android Market

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